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Johnny Rat - January 2007
Johnny Rat, January 2007




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Cover Artist Title Year
Into The Night We Slide Radio Rats Into The Night We Slide 1978
Into The Night We Slide Radio Rats ZX Dan b/w I'm In Love (single) 1978
Into The Night We Slide Radio Rats Crazy Caroline b/w Rocket Road (single) 1979
  Radio Rats Erase b/w Liza Come Down (single) 1981
  Radio Rats To The Watertower 1980
  Radio Rats The Big Wham-Bam b/w Welcome To My Car (single) 1981
The Complete Popguns 1980-1981 The Popguns Home Address ... The Burning Road b/w Keep It A Secret (single) 1981
The Complete Popguns 1980-1981 The Popguns The Complete Popguns 1980-1981 1981
Music For The Motortrade The Chauffeurs Music For The Motortrade
Pure Pop Radio Rats Pure Pop 1985-1988 1988
  Radio Rats Via Dolorosa
(some tracks re-recorded in 1990 and released on 'Big Beat')
Big Beat Radio Rats Big Beat
Soma Holiday The Glee Club Soma Holiday 1992
Third Street Radio Rats Third Street 1995
Theatre Of Electric Chairs Radio Rats Theatre Of Electric Chairs
(aka Radio Rats IV)
  The Glee Club South African Gothic [2CDs] 1996
Tandy Park Radio Rats Tandy Park 1996
  The Glee Club Lexicon Of A Lunatic 1997
  The Glee Club Psychocountry 1997
  The Glee Club Hell Gardens [2CDs] 1999
Girl Trouble The Glee Club Girl Trouble (compilation 1992-1998) 1999
Nani Nani Primitive Nania 1999
Music For Funerals Radio Rats Music For Funerals
(working title: Radio Ketamine)
Modern Cake Decorating Radio Rats Modern Cake Decorating 2001
Home Decorating For Beginners Radio Rats Home Decorating For Beginners 2004
Entertaining From Your Freezer Radio Rats Entertaining From Your Freezer 2005
Locomotive Hotel Radio Rats
(with Roger Lucey on spoken bits)
Locomotive Hotel 2005
Weird Weekend Divine Rights Trip & Radio Rats Weird Weekend
(band recorded in 1994, vocals & monologues recorded in 2005)
Spooky Obsession Radio Rats Spooky Obsession 2006
Demos 2005-2007 Radio Rats Demos 2005-2007 2007
The Ferrets The Ferrets Welcome To Joumasepoesfontein 2007
Radio Rats Radio Rats Girl Trouble 2 2009
Radio Rats Radio Rats Pop Coffins 2009
Girl Trouble 3 - Serious Trouble Various Artists Girl Trouble 3 - Serious Trouble 2010
Love Train Radio Rats Love Train 2010
Madhouse Radio Rats Madhouse 2011
Radio Rats Merry Tales 2012
Night Thoughts Radio Rats Night Thoughts 2012
Cyanide Lake Radio Rats Cyanide Lake 2013
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